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It’s in a different league, but in my time as a union rep and a union officer, I have come across personal cases where what an individual member wants is not what’s in the collective interest.

There was one case where a rep called in support from officials over how to deal with a member investigated, and likely to be dismissed, for the most godawful racist language to a colleague. Frankly I’d have been more concerned, for the whole workforce, if the employer had been inclined to give him a pass

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@hanse_mina The English editing office of Yle has made an article about this in English, too, with all the videos:

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Astronomy story time.

The supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy is named Sagittarius A* (often abbreviated Sgr A*, pronounced Sagittarius A-star, yes you say the asterisk). Ever wonder how it got its name?

It's because the compact radio source (later confirmed to be from the black hole) was "exciting". The name is in analogy to excited atoms, which are designated with a *. And for some reason the name stuck.

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If someone posts, "I agree with the science of climate change" ... and then follows it with "but" ... it means, they don't accept the science of climate change and are a climate denier.

🌍🔥 #ClimateBrawl 🔥🌍

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This is the main motorway from Gothenburg to Oslo. Happened overnight. Yes, people drove over the edge into it. Rescue efforts underway.

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The Dutch government on Friday announced that it would stop production from the Groningen gas field at the end of the month.

Gas extraction from the field had been ongoing for 60 years. It is the largest natural gas field in Europe and had at one point accounted for 90% of the gas supplied to Dutch houses.

The Dutch government had previously announced plans to close the field by 2030 due to the risk of low-magnitude earthquakes.

#Netherlands #Groningen #Gas #Energy

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Unicode 2212 is the minus sign −, and PDG code 2212 is the proton. I find that disturbing.

Här är en låt om lök med en melodi du kanske känner igen från andra sammanhang:

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@Ruth_Mottram @jaztrophysicist
Well, you’re going to laugh (or probably cry) but in Islington it is actually illegal to better insulate your house. (Not joking, the council officially forbids you to insulate houses, including invisible, inside the wall stuff. It’s PURE MADNESS.

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@ian Me too 🤒 Did you know that the microscopic scales on sharks are actually called denticles and made of the same materials as human teeth? Each denticle has a blood-supplied root, a dentine layer, and a hard enamel case. Denticles, like teeth, do not grow with the shark, and are replaced / filled in with new denticles as the sharks age. So, sharks are basically teeth all the way down 🦷

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"[T]he exiled Russians need to adapt to the societies where they have settled. They need to follow local rules and laws, and put up with local views about Russia – there is no avoiding that. However, their hosts should allow them to be themselves – Russian Russians – not just Russian-speaking Europeans.

Ultimately, Europeans’ approach should be to provide space for Russians without over-investing in them or instrumentalising them. [...] For now, exile is the only place where there can be a Russian debate about the country’s political system, how to fix it, and how to atone for its crimes. Parts of their soul-searching may connect with the discourse in Russia, although there is no guarantee of this. But above all, Europeans should not view them as a column that will smash the Putinist regime. Do not embrace them as such, do not project your hopes onto them, and do not try to micromanage Russian politics with the help of exiled political leaders (even if they ask you to).

The rationale for welcoming Russians should be that Europe is Europe: a place that provides shelter for refugees and a home for honest debate."

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A few days ago on Sol 911, @NASAPersevere arrived at her new location in the Margin Carbonate Unit and captured this stunning panorama. 🧵

Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Simeon Schmauß
#NASA #Perseverance #Mars2020 #Soloarrocks

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Facebook is Blocking Canadians’ Posts About the Assassination of a BC Sikh Leader. Their Posts Were Targeted by India’s Government.

Canadian Sikh Facebook users receive notifications that their posts are being taken down because they’re in violation of Indian law.

#canada #HardeepSinghNijjar #JustinTrudeau #sovereignty #facebook #meta #censorship #sikhs #ITAct2000 #khalistan #diplomacy #india

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This was inevitable: EU's new ban on vehicles exiting Russia forced a Ukrainian refugee with terminal cancer to wait in line with everyone else at the Estonian border as her son pushed her in a wheelchair for nearly a mile. She couldn't get an ambulance.

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In "we can adapt" news:
• 1998: cracks reported in dams
• 2011: project to fix them halted
• budget allocated to fix them every year since but nothing done
• 2021: audit bureau criticises procrastination
• 2022: engineer warns of catastrophe

People who say that adaptation is cheap and easy and will somehow just happen automatically are wrong. It requires sustained political will to overcome the in-built tendency not to act to mitigate serious risks which haven't yet materialised.

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California 🇺🇸 has sued 👨‍⚖️ several of the world’s biggest #oil companies, including #ExxonMobil, #Shell & #BP, claiming they deceived the public for decades about how the burning of #FossilFuels is destroying the planet

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J'apprends la langue française, mais aussi la culture française. Qu'en pensez-vous ?

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