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A prominent German environmental group said Wednesday that it’s suing Facebook’s parent company Meta over persistent death threats posted on the social network against its staff.

Environmental Action Germany, known by its German acronym DUH, says Meta has failed to take steps to stop the threats of violence regularly directed at DUH director Juergen Resch and others in a Facebook group with more than 50,000 members.

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A friend got into trouble because plagiarism software discovered he was reusing stuff he'd written in earlier work, only the software said the source was by a colleague who in reality had stolen the text from my friend.

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The 2023 edition of my long-running anti-establishment art-science-fusion code-therapy smooth-baritone causal inference & Bayesian data analysis course is complete. 20 lectures, from the basics of causal inference & Bayesian updating to mixed models & Gaussian processes.

Lecture recordings, slides, homework sets and solutions are all listed here. Take it at your own pace. First half is a solid course in regression and causal inference. Second half turns it up to 11.

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Nonprofits delenda est.
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Leave it to state legislatures to make Congress look like paragons of virtue. Truly wild story of corruption in the Ohio state legislature in the post-Citizens United era.

h/t Pierson

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Very provocative article by Animah Kosai on Corruption Perception Index.

We so easily forget that the ones who corrupt are the ones who pay bribes, not the ones who receive them.

Corruption and bribes are mechanisms at the disposal of the rich and powerful to tilt the playing field in their favour and away from the lesser rich and powerful, so who are the ones to blame?

#Corruption #AnimahKosai #MoneyLaundering #Bribe #Bribes

Oh, I thought you were looking for academics? ;)

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Yet another sign that the footprint of the death penalty is shrinking. I thank Gov. Shapiro of Pennsylvania.

Here’s the first part of his statement today:

Today, I'm announcing I will not issue any execution warrants during my term as Governor.

When one comes to my desk, I will sign a reprieve every time — and I’m asking the General Assembly to send me a bill abolishing the death penalty in Pennsylvania once and for all…

#DeathPenalty #CapitalPunishment #Abolition

At first it seemed like fun branding to have the deadline on intenasjonale kvinedagen, but then I started to wonder if it isn't more likely to annoy much of the intended audience that has other plans that day...

Oops, should have been "must *not*" but I leave it as is.

While the importance of individual responsibility is undeniable, we must neglected addressing structural factors! :p

But then people would fall asleep at meetings more!

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I just had whatever the opposite of 'future shock' is - I stumbled upon a telescope proposal from 2001 and I wondered if the #latex would compile - of course it did, and the proposal looked exactly as it should have.

In related news, I wrote my thesis in Word 98 and the next version refused to open one of my chapters for no obvious reason.

Plain text and openly documented image formats are definitely the way to future proof your work....

how many collisions would we expect by now you treat all encounters as iid an assuming no avoidance maneuver?

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On #Poland's schizophrenic border regime: while #refugees are welcomed on the Ukrainian border, the Belarusian border is a militarized "death zone" where humanitarian aid is criminalized.

30 dead, 200 missing, broken bones, food and water poisoning, dog bites, miscarriages, hypothermia, starvation, trauma..

#refugeeswelcome #EUBorders

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From "Hurry up and leave, Bachar" to "People's revolution everywhere" — a thread by @ayoub about how a Syrian #protest song was adopted and adapted, over and again, by Lebanese and Iranians, with lyrics that similarly came to refer to shared global fights: "From Lebanon to Hong Kong, from Chile to Lebanon"

#ProtestSongs #internationalism

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If the US wants to reduce inflation, maybe the solution should include sending USD 1tn to the developing world to invest in climate solutions. Rising US rates are causing massive unemployment -- in places like Colombia, where it's at 14%.

det tog dock de andra nordiska förbunden nära ett år att bestämma sig för att gå ur, och en undrar ju om det verkligen var så att det stod och vägde om ryssarna skulle bli uteslutna under hela den tiden.

Det känns lika beklämmande att Svenskarna stannar som att Danskarna först igår upptäckte att nationer som Ryssland och Saudiarabien har förbund i IFJ

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I'd say that great powers do arms control when they feel like it. And don't when they don't.


Heather Williams hopes China comes to understand that arms control: 1) is what great powers do, & 2) can get them things they want (isn’t a gift you give to someone else)


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US China's Military Developments Report (CMDR) says the 300 missile silos are real. Well, what about fissile material production? China doesn't have that much plutonium. USG people tell me that "it's all real, it's all in the report." But there is not much there. 1/

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