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Leave a functional, widely adopted commercial project in favor of a more cumbersome, DIY alternative that takes more work?

Of course, I’m talking about when I left Word for LaTeX

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Genuinely perplexed by the fact that we tally up the number of fossil fuel delegates at each #COP27 and calculate how much it grows every year, and cover the various ways in which they influence the outcome, but yet never think to tap them for loss and damage funding, or require the sorts of emissions-reductions commitments from them that we require from countries. They are more powerful and more responsible than any one country. They wanna play? Game on!

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A promise from the developed world to foot more of the climate bill has raised fresh hopes of a breakthrough at the UN climate summit COP27. But there were fears it could collapse over the question of money. It was supposed to finish on Friday and is now expected to go on until at least Saturday.
#ClimateCrisis #COP27 #ClimateChange #ClimateJustice

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