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"Quotation marks" change shape, position, and orientation from one language to another. In this map, we show the symbols to quote direct speech.

#quote #Denmark #dansk #symbols #writting #quotationmark #map #mapologies #culture #LanguageLearning #maps

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This week's the week -- it's #GNU40! Tomorrow, September 27, is the GNU Hacker's Meeting in Biel, Switzerland, and this Sunday, October 1, is Hackday in Boston, MA. Read more: #FreeSoftware #GNU #GNUforty #SoftwareLibre #Hackday #HappyHacking

Wife has COVID and I'm starting to feel sick too. 😿

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The BBC creates news stories in more than 40 languages. So earlier this year we built a prototype to help keep track of them.

English spelling is awful especially for someone with dyslexia:

  • Each is a word 2️⃣
  • Teach is also fine… :teacher:
  • Peach is correct 🍑
  • but Speach isn’t a word… 🙊
  • It is spelt Speech 🗣️
  • And Leech 🐛
  • Even better, Breech and Breach are both words and homophones so good luck with that… 🤷

I wonder if is less of an issue with languages that actually have consistency and phonetic spellings….

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New programmer excuse:

"BRB my #Emacs packages are native compiling."

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And yes, I'm following the long standing UK tradition of complaining we don't get any good weather all summer then immediately complaining when we do get some sun.

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When reading Hex numbers how do you pronounce them?

For example I've been saying 1F as F-teen.

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Carved wood map of #Edinburgh New Town in #blender.

Used #qgis and OS OpenZoomStack (crown copyright and database rights) to get the building outlines.

Clipped to the Edinburgh City Council Natural Neighbourhood for New Town -

Texture is 'fine grained wood' from

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Having a fancy dinner with @tomheyes

Me: My favourite thing about tonight is you.
Tom: *starts tearing up*
Me: Aaaaaawwwww babeeeee
Tom: No, I just ate a chilly 🌶️

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I have been married to @LidiaInfanteM for an entire year! 🎉

This photo was taken just after our ceremony by the excellent Lucy Little.

A surprising number of folks use Zsh and Oh My Zsh without really knowing why or what it is. Probably because OSX uses zsh as the default shell now.

This is a real shame because Oh My Zsh has a lot of great plugins for common tasks, for example loads of useful git aliases are available by default.

If you’re using Zsh its well worth a look at what you might be missing out on. :)

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