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A timely outstretched hand can save someone not only a life, but also a soul.

World famous opera singer Lisette Oropesa
At the concert there is participation of the public, Lisette is surprised and continues to sing.
After the concert, it became known that this person is Liu Jianwei, who studied opera in Italy.
Liu apologizes to Lisette
But Lisette is very happy, they are photographed together after the concert. What kind of civil courage, it must be a passion for music, right?❤️😌🙏

There are chairs in Japan that turn into helmets during such earthquakes for use in public places. When you feel an earthquake, you turn the arm of your chair to release the part of your body you are leaning on. Provides protection from sharp objects or glass that may fall from the ceiling or shelves. Isn't this a great idea?

Mutluluk - zor bir durumdayken, sizin için değerli olan birine tutunursunuz. Ve yalnız olmadığını anlıyorsun.

Bir kedi senden hoşlanıyorsa, arkadaşı olmana izin verir, ama asla efendisi olmana izin vermez. Theophile Gautier

In today’s world, we often find ourselves immersed in technology, unable to truly connect with one another on a deeper level. However, the power of connection still remains one of the most precious aspects of our lives. One of the best ways to feel this connection is by looking into another person’s eyes.
Eye contact is such a powerful tool to feel another person's presence.
We can communicate our feelings, intentions, and emotions without having to say a word.
This communication is a tremendous gift as it allows us to express ourselves on a deeper level.
Let's communicate with our hearts and be more present for each other in this new upcoming year.

Christmas is a time of joy and celebration, it's also a time to give.
Providing some food for those who don't have it on Christmas Eve is such an important moment of caring.
Making sure that everyone has a happy holiday is one of the best gifts we can give.

Merry Christmas

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