In this two part toot on procrastination, as a fellow procratanator I want to help everyone by listing the 4 ways to help you stop procrastinating....


@freemo # 4 Ways to Stop
is a common problem that can make it difficult to reach our goals and accomplish tasks. Fortunately, there are steps that we can take to make it easier to stay on track. Here are four ways to help you stop procrastinating.
First, set yourself up for success by breaking up large tasks into smaller, more manageable chunks. This will help you to stay focused and motivated, and make it easier to track your progress. It also helps to set realistic goals and reward yourself for meeting them.
Second, create a schedule and stick to it. Scheduling out your day and blocking off specific times for tasks can help to keep you on track and prevent procrastination. It is also important to make sure that you are taking regular breaks to avoid burnout.
Third, remove distractions. This can include anything from social media notifications to phone calls. By reducing the number of distractions, you'll be able to stay focused on the task at hand and avoid the temptation to procrastinate.
Finally, stay motivated. Procrastination can be a hard habit to break, so it is important to stay positive and remind yourself of why you are doing the task. If you find yourself getting overwhelmed, take a step back and remember why you are doing the task in the first place.
By following these steps, you can help to reduce procrastination and stay on track towards achieving your goals. With a little bit of effort and dedication, you can make it easier to stay focused and stay motivated.

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