Say "Fediverse", not "Mastodon". They are not interchangeable. If you're on Mastodon, you are inextricably on the Fediverse too.

There's no guarantee that users you are talking to are also Mastodon users.

Don't encourage monopolization the network. Other servers are equally just as part of the Fediverse.

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@torresjrjr When I'm referring to Mastodon, I say Mastodon. When I'm referring to Pixelfed, I say Pixelfed. When I'm referring to the Fediverse as a whole, I say Fediverse. As you point out these aren't just a bunch of different names for the same thing, I have wondered why this is a problem for a lot of people?

If you spend all your time on the Fediverse via the Mastodon interface, you can easily forget (or not even notice) that others are viewing the same content via other interfaces (Pleroma, for example). It all looks like "Mastodon", but it's not! There's no guarantee you're talking to other Mastodon users.

@torresjrjr Ah, yes, I do see your point! And you are right, that isn't something I actually consider very often!

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