My list of outlined infant programs and libraries

I may not have enough effective time to complete and perfect these ideas myself, but I'm posting in the hopes others can carry the torch.

Some rationale for the list:

The "darian" and "mayan" libraries if successful will prove that the stdlib design choices for timekeeping, including Hare's timescales and timezones, are robust and expandable as advertised. Also, Martian time is cool.

The "ninefmt" library will provide a friendlier alternative to the stdlib's POSIX subset of strftime "%Y-%m-%d" specifiers. plan9front's tmdate(2) defines a nice "YYYY MM DD" syntax.

The "jsonld" and "activity" libraries will form the bedrock for an eventual Fediverse server. I'd love to see another interoperable contender written in Hare. Something modular and simple.

The "chess" library will allow Hare to prove itself as a robust language for complex algorithms and large data. Imagine Deep Blue in Hare, or another implementation.

Speaking of science, maybe there should be science/physics-related library. Any ideas?

The "ed" (and "vi") utilities will allows Hare devs to code in their own dogfood. I also have my sights on sam/acme, and structural regular expressions in particular:

Reach out if interested.

Hi @humanetech :)

I just want to clarify to onlookers that the hare-activity library is purely aspirational at the moment.

But thank you anyway. We dare to dream.

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