Do you know any small (?) projects I could browse to learn by example?

I've been trying to get into for ages, but most tutorials are either philosophical/historical or only cover the basics. Take hautils[1], a collection of small POSIX utilities written in /#harelang, which demonstrates digestible common programming practices, which would be out of scope for the official tutorial. Is there an analogue project for scheme?

Feel free to boost.

[1]: git.sr.ht/~sircmpwn/hautils

@torresjrjr Mike Gran's #Guile100 project seems to have been abandoned a while ago, but, as far as it goes, it appears to fit your needs perfectly: a series of small shell utilities in #Guile (think cat, ls, echo, etc.) a bit like hautils. As I said, it's no longer maintained, but I found it very useful for this purpose.




@acousticmirror @rml
tyvm! Looks just like what I wanted.

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