@ben has an interesting idea: native support for the #Fediverse in #Firefox.He's glossing over a few of the details -- like what's actually "in" the browser vs backend infrastructure that Mozilla would have to run -- but his use cases are good ones. Maybe the best way to think of it would be "merge a dedicated Mastodon client" into Firefox. Server still required. I am all for it. Except: can Mozilla pull something off that's not the browser? Track record is spotty. benlog.com/2022/12/28/firefox-

@torresjrjr @J12t @ben I agree, we already have too many clients for the Fediverse. Suggest other stuff more important.

@captainepoch @ben @J12t
Oh there are so many more problems.

Privacy, anonymity, security, centralisation of the Fediverse, the proliferation of the Mastodon API and quirks in place of ActivityPub, inspiring proprietary browsers to do the same in order to embrace-extend-extinguish, the inevitable commercialisation of the theoretical Mozilla Fediverse instance, inevitable breaking changes when Firefox introduces their own "helpful" features...

Firefox is a bloated, controlled-opposition browser. And it needs to remain at the very least a browser. Considering some kind of fedi integration is rediculous.

Terrible idea and article (no offense).


> @torresjrjr I agree, we already have too many clients for the Fediverse.

And not enough server software!

@torresjrjr Well, we already have Pleroma, Akkoma, Soapbox, Mastodon, Glitch, and who knows how many forks of them out there.

I think we need better implementations in better languages, but not yet-another-activitypub-server software...

We can still greatly benefit from more server software. There's way too much Mastodon. Reinforcing interoperability with multiple implementations is good.

@torresjrjr There's too much mastodon because it's being promoted more than Pleroma. We should try to do a better job there, to be honest...


From personal experience, I've had people look at the two servers and said "Mastodon looks more official and put together". Pleroma has that kind of Y2K web design. So most people are drawn to Mastodon, even if they're equally capable.

Of course, Pleroma ships with the Mastodon frontend, but many don't know that, and a novice won't understand that.

@torresjrjr @captainepoch yea and pleroma fe can be very customized so you can make it look however you like

@torresjrjr @captainepoch most of my friends use pleroma and misskey. The fact that you are on a mastodon instance is entirely your fault.
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