I should have my #HareLang #CSV reader/writer module done by EOD. Just in time before classes start tomorrow and my availability drops a bit.


Will you support alternative delimiters? I'd want to handle (superior :smug:) TSV files too.

@torresjrjr Way ahead of you...yes. It supports changing the delimiter. git.sr.ht/~blainsmith/hare-csv

I almost called it `xvs` for that reason since it can be set to anything.


Though I'm surprised you've used `delim: u8` instead of `delim: rune`, and your subsequent use of bytes::Index(). You're discarding Hare's strings support? Particularly in your reader.

@torresjrjr Yeah, certainly a rough first pass. I think rune is more appropriate now that you mention it.

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