It has become kind of a habit that if I try a new programming language first thing is I interface it with the #MusicBrainz libdiscid library. libdiscid has a small API I know very well, using it in a new language and trying to provide a language typical interface for it teaches me some basics, and I can easily compare the language with other languages for which I did the same.

Well, I looked at #harelang, and guess what I did?

Hare is close enough to C that this is not really necessary, though. Accessing the C functions is straight forward. But there is a bit of cstring conversion and Hare typical error handling.

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Nice, looks great and idiomatic for a new Hare project. Another one for the ecosystem.

See also

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@torresjrjr Thanks a lot of looking at my code. I'll consider submitting it to the hare-project-library. Not sure what category to put it in, maybe needs some general library category or such.

You can ask @vladh, the maintainer. I'd probably say the "file format" section, though he could maybe make more generic headings.

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