@hare will we see Hare in the system Fedora repos anytime this cycle?

Hi @tristan957,

It's up to Fedora, but I don't see that happening soon since Hare does not have a steady version release cycle yet.

I help maintain upstream .

@torresjrjr @tristan957 Hey all, I'm the maintainer of that COPR!

I absolutely intend on getting Hare into Fedora, the COPR is the stepping stone sandbox for doing so. I've just been a bit busy lately and won't be able to really spend time on it until the end of the month.

I don't think an unsteady release cycle will be much of a blocker. Fedora has mechanisms and measures for packaging these kind of tools.

You can follow inclusion progress in this Bugzilla issue:



@omenos @tristan957
Hey, that's great to hear.

The Hare team are also discussing quarterly versioned releases -- 0.YY.Q (e.g. 0.24.0) ‐- which might make things easier.


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