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Here's what Eugen Rochko's Mastodon gGmbH organisation now controls:

-The Mastodon server software (though the current version is FOSS)
-The server, which has 1 in 7 of all Fediverse users
-The official Mastodon apps, now telling people to just sign up on
-The official website at
-The trademark for the word "mastodon", which lets them dictate terms to any server which uses it

This is a tempting package for any potential buyers.


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I'd argue that's not necessary for accessibility, but whatever. Fair enough.

Use imo. is acceptable too but is already used by nature bloggers.

"" is a criminal offense. Please no.

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looks great, very cool.

1. How about negative wraparound indices, and using : instead for ranges?

2. Have you considered any concurrency primitives, like channels, waitgroups, mutexes? That's one thing I find myself missing a lot, and end up writing hacks with named pipes and flock.

3. Why the backticks for `{expansion} ?

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I was today days old when i learned that the kitchen on the ISS seem to be called milliways and is part of outpost42

Such an Electron-based program would be unrunnable on my low memory dev machine I use. Web technology is extremely resource intensive. I can't for example run more than 5 Firefox tabs, or Firefox + Telegram, at the same time without my machine crashing.

I'd say, invest a little time learning a GUI framework, like GTK. I'd be able to use it! Or at the very least write a simple, brutalist CSS, traditional CRUD application.

cc: @captainepoch
Another method for your contributors for submitting multimedia to Husky on Sourcehut?

@lanodan @makeworld
We could make a hare-lunar library, implement whatever lunar chronology they come up with, and base it on some kind of some kind of TCB timescale

Though we might have to make reservations about timescale conversions due to relativistic effects. I don't think the stdlib is supporting spacetime anytime soon. @drewdevault @qeef
I agree with this approach and attitude.

I like to think that "Fediverse" follows the same capitalisation rules as "Internet". Both are proper nouns which refer to a inter-network of some sort.

and as with "internet", people write "fediverse" in casual correspondence. that's not to say fedizens (fediverse netizens) believe "fediverse" is lower case, the same way irc users commonly write in lowercase all the time, but they know it's really "IRC", not "irc.

fwiw, I made the Wiktionary entry for "Fediverse".

But honestly, my mind's not set in stone on this.

God dammit I fxxxed up a release after triple checking it lord

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