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Hey, that's great to hear.

The Hare team are also discussing quarterly versioned releases -- 0.YY.Q (e.g. 0.24.0) ‐- which might make things easier.


Send a bug report to the hare-users mailing list

harelang.org/community/ -> hare-users archives

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Cleopatra VII died in 30 BCE & the Great Pyramid of Giza was completed ~2560 BCE.

In other words, the charismatic Egyptian queen lived closer in time to the invention of #Mastodon than to the building of the Great Pyramid. #history

Hey @fkinoshita

Check out this idiomatic cat(1) implementation from hautils, a collection of POSIX utilities written in Hare.

Hi @tristan957,

It's up to Fedora, but I don't see that happening soon since Hare does not have a steady version release cycle yet.

I help maintain upstream .

The name was my idea, to "reckon through a chronology" as opposed to just a univariable timescale (date::add()). You "reckon" since sometimes you don't know where you'll land if at all, due to a timezone discrepancy or field overflow (something we're still working on).

In my research, most stdlibs unify it all into one "Add()" function, a verb which doesn't sufficiently hint at what is essentially a complex vector operation (<Y,M,D...> + <Y,M,D...>). Time will tell (heh) if we made a good design choice.

Also, nods to @vladh for helping with the implementation.


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I just saw some fediblock drama again, and wanted to write this status as something I consider necessary.

Husky won't censor any instance.

Servers (Pleroma, Akkoma, Mastodon, Glitch and the rest of them) already provide tools for users to be able to mute users, conversations and whole instances. Husky already supports this.

If your instance blocks other instances, sorry for you. There is nothing a client can fix. But clients shouldn't block instances by default.

That being said, while I'm the maintainer, no instance will be blocked from using Husky.

Crazy idea, what about an `next` builtin?

next i # i == 1
next i 5 # i == 6
next i -2 # i == 4

next x # x == 0x10

next s # s == thf


tr -dc '[:alnum:]' </dev/urandom | head -c 64

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on my blog!


"where does my computer get the time from?"

a blogified version of the lightning talk I gave at #RIPE86 this morning

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Always interesting to see how each language's standard library reinvents their own date/time implementation. No two are the same.

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Ding Liren is the 17th Chess World Champion: “this match was the deepest reflection of my soul”.
Recap of game14 and tiebreaks, annotations by GM Harikrishna Pentala: lichess.org/blog/ZE95nhAAACYAz

#NepoDing #WorldChessChampionship #wcc2023 #chess #lichess

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