Does anyone know of any good literature on datetime arithmetic? Or perhaps a really good software library (standard or third-party)? Especially anything that tackles non-communitivity, overflows or nonexistant dates/times (due to timezone effects).

I'm looking to rehaul the stdlib datetime module soon, and we want it to be very robust and of high quality. Will also be helpful in some Hare projects, like a scheduler.


The closest thing to a useful standard I've found is this:


In the mean time, I'm trying to create a formalisation of datetime arithmetic so we can have something theoretically sound to implement. Something which takes advantage of Hare's language features. If you're interested, let me know. The more gray matter, the better. Boosts welcome.


You certainly make some good points there. I agree. I suppose I always talk with the implication of libre software in mind.

What business, if I may ask?

I'd argue philosophically that npm as a concept is flawed, and the lack of this insight is what causes all these issues in the first place.

Also, I don't buy a lot of this "forced upon by the world ecosystem complexity". I see a large lack of due diligence out there. But yes, the outside world exists, and we have to deal with it :D.

> I wonder how adoption will work out.

World domination is not a priority for the Hare project. Upstream Hare deliberately does not support non-libre OSs. It's a principled language, and if others happen to find value in it, that's great. It's not meant to replace anything. Languages serve different purposes and niches, including Rust.

> intoxicatingly easy
Precisely where the poison lies. Copying the npm/.node_modules monster is a terrible idea. Your point about C/C++ external libraries is also true. Which is why I like Hare's sensible and user-friendly inbetween.


I myself kinda hate Rust haha. Or more so the Rust ecosystem. But I do respect it's primary points of memory safety, etc.

> complex and bug-prone memory management
> doesn't support Unicode

The author of the manifesto holds these same opinions, and in fact made his own programming language in the spirit of C which addresses these issues. It might interest you.

I've contributed to Hare myself and enjoy the language.

@captainepoch @DjBRINE1
Everyone should have an alt, or multiple. It really solves a lot of problems!

For so many people (including me once), it never even occurs to them. It's really a mindset change that needs to happen. People are used to mindlessly filling out their (Facebook/Twitter/etc) profiles, and they become attached to this singular electronic entity, this single digital representation of them. It's a whole personality onto its own.

Multiple accounts should be commonplace. They allow you to produce different feeds with different personalities and registers of tone and content for different people, just like you would in the real world. It also exposes you to different subcultures around the network, just like how you'd explore the real world. You are complex person. I think the natural accident of federation results in this naturally better .

There are many more good reasons, like network resiliency, proliferation of ActivityPub implementations, etc.

( edition) is very nice and works well. Installed it a few days ago on an old machine.

Duck Chess -


Chess involving a rubber duck aka chess for programmers!
#FairMail just got discontinued.

As announced by the developer himself, he stopped maintaining all of his apps. All of the repositories are archived and apps were pulled from the Play Store.

Appeal response:

This is a big problem with the Play Store, and one of the reasons I don't like it: you never know when your app is going to be literally yeeted the fuck out of there.

Many good apps were pulled from there, with no support nor any regarding for the life of the people that earn money with this model.

Apple is no different, it just doesn't publish your app directly if you don't comply with its guidelines.

I don't know if Marcel will ever read this, but I'm really sorry that you had to end this. I used FairMail in the past and it was a great app, very well crafted. Thank you for your work!


On a side note, read also this:

That is the balance of the experience of the person behind FairMail.

To be honest, people should really appreciate more programmers that spend their (free) time working on software that respects privacy and freedoom other apps do not.

See if the Gmail app does the same. It does not.

I really hope he recovers from this at some point of his life, because this might be a very depressing situation.

This thunderstorm in is the perfect imbridus ambiance .

> ...Matrix is a mess...

Totally agree.

I think codeberg would just fracture the whole thing. Its probably best you're sticking to SourceHut resources and media bins (

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