Once you hide most of the bots you'll find more interesting stuff on the Federated feed than on Twitter. It's not a bad system. The most important point about it is perhaps the removal of the corporate man in the middle who has finely engineered what you're allowed to see, say, or like.

I hate Windows 🎶
I hate Windows 🎶
I hate Windows 🎶
I hate Windows 🎶

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@tn5421 original instance i wrote it on is gone, heres a copy that federated - https://fediverse.blog/~/DielansBlog@melonmancy.net/finding-your-way-around-the-fediverse

Tons of now-dead instances or MIA users mentioned on it, which makes me sad to read it again tbh :venomsnakedemon2:

@extraspecialk @lewdthewides

📣 Starting this month, we're running a campaign to increase the number of Snowflake proxies run by volunteers. Snowflake is a new way to defeat internet censorship bundled in Tor Browser Alpha. You can help users in censored countries to connect to Tor by running a Snowflake proxy!

I have 3 months left of my last year, and I'm dying to end it now. Crazy.

@emilis @lynne

If 1*n is an idempotent operation, -1*n is "contrapotent".

Write your website like your user has a 300KB/s connection because millions of us do

There's more ssg's than moons in our solar system, and I'm guilty for writting my own.


(Don't even, it's a bloated boar which needs putting down)

Worst thing is, I'm thinking of wrtting another one. Help.

On the contrary, being a '99ner, I'm only rediscovering old protocols and computing. I agree, it's a haystack out there with all it's gems and rubble. I just want to carry the torch.

No worries

Here, Project

And sr.ht is a FOSS code forge

Did you mistake it for some kind of link shortener?

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