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i put together a automatically-updating list of wildebeest instances, for convenient blocking or silencing:

please do your part to push back against the corporate takeover of the fediverse by a company that profits from platforming nazis, fascists, and bigots.

#fediblock #MastoAdmin

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All tech people should be forced to test their fancy new software on 5-year-old hardware with a rural internet connection.

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I’m the spirit of sharing quality content, please enjoy my favorite meme of all time.

Whenever ed's version bumps, I feel the familiar solid ground wobble a little.

"My approach to rigorous resource management in C"
by Sylvain Gauthier
2023-01-06 19:09

Everything I wish I knew when learning C
Tom M

Maybe it would have been smart to add a mandatory "null" or "n/a" option to the Question<>Response ActivityPub interaction.

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We're now on Mastodon, an open-source alternative to Twitter. Follow us here:

Introducing Austral: A Systems Language with Linear Types and Capabilities
by Fernando Borretti
28 December, 2022

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For the holiday, a thread on how to befriend crows.


Befriending crows is a wonderful thing.

I have many crow friends at home and at work. They bring joy at unexpected moments and can rescue a miserable day even without shaking down the dust of snow that Robert Frost described.

This thread is an updated version of one I posted at the bird site in July 2019.

#birding #birdwatching #birds #urbanbirding #crows #corvids #crow #corvid #crowfriends

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Do you know any small (?) projects I could browse to learn by example?

I've been trying to get into for ages, but most tutorials are either philosophical/historical or only cover the basics. Take hautils[1], a collection of small POSIX utilities written in /#harelang, which demonstrates digestible common programming practices, which would be out of scope for the official tutorial. Is there an analogue project for scheme?

Feel free to boost.


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