After the 2016 presidential election, teachers around the U.S. reported seeing increased name-calling and bullying at school.

Now, a new study confirms that areas where voters favored Donald Trump are seeing higher rates of bullying within the classroom.

"France is essentially ungovernable and it's why they have nice things."


I still wanna make a READY PLAYER ONE response story where the puzzles are all rooted in girl stuff from the 80s so none of the bros are willing to learn any of it even though the prize is like 800 billion dollars.

Via twitter:


In the first ever randomized clinical trial, we demonstrated that parachutes did NOT prevent death or major injury compared to control in individuals jumping from aircraft.

Published today in the BMJ


A friend sent me the following & I am so upset I didn't think of it first

What even is the point of thinking about words all day if I don't think up things like this myself 🌳

Vox has a solid article debunking the right-wing lies about "safe spaces" and campus free speech peddled by the likes of Ben Shapiro, Turning Point USA, The College Fix, Campus Reform, The Daily Caller, Fox, Breitbart, and co.

RT If Donald Trump wanted Hillary Clinton locked up, he should have hired her to work on his campaign.


All the fediverse is abuzz on this.

I don't think it does anything but put Oz in a hole.

Here we go again: the out-of-touch MOGOP legislators are going against the will of the people who voted down right-to-work last August by ramming it down the throats of Missourians once again in the new session.
#MoLeg #NoRTWinMO #Missouri #1U

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