I'm playing on a Minecraft server with a bunch of good friends. My buddy wants to dig a tunnel to my place and create a train connection. Doesn't matter that he's about 5000 blocks away, he's gonna do it anyway.

So I decided to build a perron (station platform) for his arrival. I know where his point of entry is, let's see if he's as good at maths as I am. ;) I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, and for now it's good enough.

As soon as I unlock more stuff, I might upgrade bits here and there at this perron. For example... a real wide monitor with a large scrolling text of my station name is certainly a possibility. A large monitor with the current time and destinations is another. Just a li'l bit of LUA programming there. ;)

@trinsec wow. Never thought that Minecraft can be this much creative.

@tshrinivasan The possibilities are limitless!

And modded Minecraft adds another dimension to this. :)

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