A batch of #skyrim screenshots follows; they will all be hashtagged if this is the kind of twitter content you dislike.

You monster.

I installed a mod that auto-snaps screenshots when a killmove is triggered, so I have a lot of screenshots like these. #skyrim

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Two shots of the approach to the iconic dragon claw door in Bleak Falls Barrow, one of the earliest dungeon crawls in a game full of excellent dungeon crawls. I screenshot this spot for every load order because it shows off my ruins texture choices. #skyrim

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This was my first view of Whiterun. Whiterun is hardest on my framerate, but it is tolerable with this load order. I did a lot of merging.

This is JK's Skyrim + Perfecter Whiterun to add in the trees. #skyrim

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"I think you must be dragonborn," says one of the Whiterun guards to me. The dragon died on a dark and rainy night, so I have no good screenshots of it. #Skyrim

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And now I go try to fight my way back into Whiterun. I was an idiot and accepted the Dawnguard quest, so vampires are now attacking everything. I am really annoyed by my own stupidity. They're at least 5 levels over my head and they are slaughtering everybody in the city. D:

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I have been wandering. Now I am back in Whiterun, selling things to that sleazeball Belethor. He’s probably going to sell everything to bandits at a hefty markup. #Skyrim

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@ceejbot On the upside, you could argue that he's extorting the bandits out of their monies.

(Of course, that means the bandits would just go around robbing people again..)

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