I kind of got bored with all the open space in the void of SkyFactory 4, so I've started afresh and created a new world in a CompactSky scenario with limited space available.

At first in a Compact Machine with 3x3x3 space with a pair of bonsai pots and an axe. Now I've got some more Compact Machines added; A pair of 3x3x3, a pair of 5x5x5, a 7x7x7, and (via the nether) an 11x11x11.
I gotta reorganize some stuff now that I've got access to more space, but it's keeping me busy again.

It does help that I already got some prestige earned from my earlier play in the void world. I've unlocked a bunch of useful features. The bonsai hoppers were definitely a must here. The rest is a bonus.

It sure is snug in here.

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