#Gruoch and I were having our usual bedtime games, when I felt she had a tick. It was on her neck, below her left ear.

I got the tick removal tool, the headtorch, and a treat (placed in my breast pocket).

This was the first ever tick removal procedure. It was an ordeal. As soon as I touched the affected area I had to contain a large, struggling dog. At the same time, Gruoch wanted to sniff the tick tool, and eat the treat.

Eventually, we were successful.

#dogs #DogsOfMastodon #MastoDogs

Immediately upon removing the tick, Gruoch received her treat. Should (when) she get more ticks the same procedure will be followed. Hopefully, she will associate tick removal with getting treats. This strategy worked with #Neachdainn.

We have been lucky this summer, as I've managed to remove all her (previous) ticks before they attached themselves. Black ticks on a white dog are easy to spot. ūüėÉ

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Found a second tick, this morning.

Removal was relatively easy, as #Gruoch didn't struggle. She was looking for her treat after the removal. She learns *really* fast.

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@fitheach Be careful. She might learn to get ticks on purpose for the sake of getting more treats. ;)

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If I ever see her lying on the ground, and barking "come and get me", I'll know what she is doing.

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