Damn, Microsoft's sites really suck, lots of access denied or error page not found. I was trying to move my Mojang accounts to my Microsoft accounts, finally managed to get that done after over an hour of fuckery.

I wonder if millions of Minecraft players are busy doing this right now, seeing as there's just a few days left before the move deadline.. :P

@trinsec It is a terrible experience. I moved multiple accounts, and they took about 20 minutes a piece after I already knew what to do! And now the launcher requires me to enter my creds and 2FA every time I open the game. It's maddening! I bought the game like 10 years ago from a different entity.

@greypilgrim Heh, yeah. I use GDLauncher, so far it seems to only ask once and saves that for future sessions.

Switching between accounts is easy enough in that one, so I'll see. I'm kinda on a Minecraft-break now anyway. Although the itch is slowly starting to come back, then I'll experience if this really went that smooth after all, heh.

For now I'm happy enough I managed to move that stuff.

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