I decided to take a peek at what's new in Minecraft via one of those modpacks on CurseForge since it's been a while I played MC. Decided to take a look at Better Minecraft 1.18.2, the Fabric version. Never tried a modpack with Fabric before, so I thought eh, why not.

It kinda felt like a new game to me in some ways. Could be the modpack, could be Fabric, could be that it's 1.18, or could be that I'm simply out of the loop. The last MC version I played is probably 1.16. I think I should install the Forge version of the same pack to look at the differences. Might not be too different I suspect.

But so far I saw some new (desert, spawned in one) creatures. A haunted ghost town with ghosts floating around.. New building styles. New flora and its food. New and wondrous rock formations. At least I'm familiar with Xaero's World Map and Minimap, so I'm not too lost. :P

I might explore in there some more, since this mapgen I got is a nice one. And in the meantime the Kittens Game can run in the background. ;)

Ah I'm just reading that both Fabric and Forge versions have overlapping mods, but also that both have their own unique mods and each offer a different experience. That's interesting.

I read that Forge allows you to ride dragons... I'm so tempted to just switch over, ha. Can use the same map seed and get the same kind of map hopefully. :D

Edit 2:
Yeah, there are some differences. Landmarks are largely the same, but some contents have been changed. Even the animals differ. It's pretty cool though. I kinda have to choose between new mob bosses, or riding dragons. Considering I've watched How to train your Dragon lately... might go for the dragon riding. :P

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