What the fuck did I just watch... the ending of LEGO Movie 2 Videogame is one of the stupidest endings ever. Moronic. Rubbish. Ridiculous. Making-absolutely-no-sense. Lazy writers.

Very unsatisfying. :P

Well, all that's left is mopping up the gajillion side quests, getting all the master bricks, completing every area 100%...

But the ending seriously sucks. This isn't really a good LEGO game overall.


All the main story areas in LEGO Movie 2 Videogame have been 100%ed now. What's left are the non-main story areas, gotta complete their storylines plus get all of those Master Bricks. Then I'm done. Fairly easy, it's actually feeling a bit like a grind in this game. And to think the first game was so cool to play... Wtf did they do, man.

Whew, finished it! The sandbox world was the most annoying one until I found a guide that explained you needed to buy the quest items from the other worlds. That wasn't clear at all. It's just an annoying game overall, and thankfully finished fairly fast. I hope the other new LEGO games won't be this lame.

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