I've noticed the only webgames I seem to still play every day are Waffle and Worldle (with an l there, yes, it's not Wordle). The rest is just very sometimes and not altogether that interesting.

@trinsec no Nerdle?
or in your case all these double and quadruple wordles?

@StroomAfwaarts Those are the ones that is played 'very sometimes'. They're in my Webgames bookmarks folder along with Waffle and Worldle but I don't feel very compelled to click on them.


I think the draw of Waffle is that I need to try to figure out which lines will have which words and how to best try to swap those letters so that there'll still be a lot of swaps left.
I also love the fact that they have a dictionary below for those words they used that day so sometimes I learn a new word for real.

The draw of Worldle is that I have to rack my brain which region this particular map would best fit in, and then try to get into that direction. Yes, I use google Maps too, but then I do also learn a bit about where a particular country is located and what shape they are.
Today's Worldle for example, I did guesstimate the region correctly. But not the actual country. And then I was surprised what this country was and learned a bit about the world's layout in general.

@trinsec I didn't even know it was a country! I thought it was a kind of colony of another country

@StroomAfwaarts That's what I thought too! And I never knew it was so north of Finland!

At least now we know where there are too many polar bears bothering scientists. :D

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