I swept only half the garden so far and I'm already drenched in sweat...

And I purposefully started working in the garden this morning because it'll be impossible to do so in about 1-2 hours. :P


As if I couldn't be drenched any more.. I'm totally soaked now, lol. But I'm done for today. :P The front garden got a bigtime cleanup. It's too hot to continue, but I'm satisfied.

@StroomAfwaarts Little bit too early for that according to my stomach. But I've just had lunch and a mug of hot tea's waiting for me.

Also that I'm showered clean adds to this nice feeling.. ahh.. and airco's turned on. This room's about 26C which is ok.

And I know for a fact that we're going to eat wraps tonight... (I suggested it yesterday) sooo... looking forward to that as well!

I'll just relax this whole afternoon.

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