I went snailhunting this morning. There are way too many snails and slugs. 😒

I wish them the most gruesome death for trying to kill my garden.

@trinsec we collect them in a bucket, walk a few hundred meters along the small river next to the farm and let them loose in the grass. 200 meters minimum, because then they can't find the way back to your garden.

@StroomAfwaarts I don't quite have that luxury without bothering other people's gardens with those nuisances. I generally throw them in the biobak, but atm that's curbside waiting to be emptied.

@trinsec ah yes, then they spend their last two weeks in heaven ☺️


@StroomAfwaarts Not this batch.. since I don't have a bucket with a lid.. they're killed with some salt to prevent them from escaping until the biobak's returned. Then I'll just dump them in there... it's their grave. 💀 :P

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