This is a QT (although I suspect only those on qoto server will see it as such?

Hynek Schlawack  
Since being wrong in public is fun, here’s predictions re tech criticism towards Mastodon: perf: top ops/sre folks are making it work. #skinInThe...

@hynek suspicion correct. This is an issue - same with markdown which I can use here but most servers will strip out. As a poster you cannot guarantee how your post will be viewed across the network. But I guess that’s just the way it is

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@s_gruppetta @hynek We figured out that does strip any markdown-related characters. But I do not know whether that’s due to the version (4.0.0rc3) used on, or that it is We noticed that on other servers running 3.5.3 the markdown characters were visible (and one could run a greasemonkey script to convert that to the stylized form).

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