I am three days away from a 2-year-long streak on : learning a tiny bit of 🇯🇵 and/or 🇩🇪 each and every day since June 2018 — and I've been travelling, out of the country, off sick…
Maintaining the streak is a silly thing, but this kind of challenges help me keep motivated and going.
I finished the German course long ago, so now I am just “practising” and not learning new stuff; and I've reached a point in Japanese where I'm not learning well (I should be properly studying grammar, vocabulary and kanji instead). On the other hand, losing the streak would be a pity, and I'm not confident that I would study regularly if I switched to my textbooks…
Mastodon: what should I do?

@tripu Maintaining the streak is a great motivator for me.

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