’s major shortcomings, IMHO.
I realise some of these derive from the very proposition (ie, cloning ’s horrible UI), and perhaps others are configurable or specific to my instance (.de). Still.

0️⃣ No distinction between “title” (short & descriptive; shown on media previews and thumbnails) and “description” (long text; on post pages only).
1️⃣ Images are too small (on my laptop, limited to 732 px in width); no “open largest size by default” or “full screen mode”.
2️⃣ Can’t navigate between adjacent images; ie swiping or pressing →/← to move within a collection, tag, or profile.
3️⃣ Small thumbnails (mosaic on collection, tag or profile pages) don’t show the (beginning of the) description.
4️⃣ Small thumbnails always indicate zero comments, even when there are comments.
5️⃣ Large thumbnails (entries on home page) aren’t clickable; one has to click on tiny “x days ago” in footer.
6️⃣ New comments don’t appear under “notifications” (/account/activity).
7️⃣ Collections are limited to 18 posts.
8️⃣ “Edit” action fails consistently.
9️⃣ Even short descriptions and comment threads are truncated/hidden (eg, 4 clicks are needed to reveal/expand everything on pixelfed.de/p/tripu/2657825874); text is squeezed in that narrow column.

@tripu never used Flickr, or really ig. What's wrong with pixelfed?

10. URLs in descriptions and comments do not become links automatically.

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