If, like me, you were frustrated by the @eff’s Secure Messaging Scorecard being outdated for years now, go check Mark Williams’s Secure Messaging Apps Comparison — it’s a great resource.

My only objection: I would boost (ie, , ) and fully recommend it, and penalise and discard it, based on their respective results under the section “are the and server completely ?” — I think that’s paramount!

TL;DR: use (it’s the best and most user-friendly); if not possible for whatever reason, resort to apps as 2nd best.

@tripu @eff real world identity + centralized. signal is practically worse than email.


Every tool has its drawbacks (usability, if nothing else). Isn’t , in practice, among the very few “least bad” options we have? If your recommendation is encrypted e-mail or something like that, we have very different use cases in mind.

/cc @eff

@tripu @eff I'm saying that matrix is a way better choice than signal, even though matrix has many problems.


Fair enough. We enter the territory of trade-offs and individual preferences.

/cc @eff

@tripu @eff Here's my threat model with a chat program.
1. I need to be able to send message to my intended recipient
2. I need to be able to reliably send message to my intended recipient
3. The message cannot be read by people other than the intended recipient
4. Who I make contact to is not exposed.

Signal already fails at 1, because it is very easy to block/detect use
@tripu @eff it's also why I say encrypted email is better, it covers 1-3, only 4 is not convered.

I consider quite a few more variables: licence, source code, protocol, jurisdiction, governance, discoverability, feature set, usability…
/cc @eff

@tripu @eff ah, sry, being 100% free software is kinda like my default so. other things you mentioned are nice to haves, they are not deal breakers.
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