I’ve been taking one photo every day of April, and sharing it online, since 2008. Most years, a bunch of friends and virtual acquaintances followed suit, and we had good fun.

Today I started a new batch — here:

@tripu @fidel are you drawing our attention to your album, or tagging / challenging us!? 😁

@koalie @tripu I think each person defines their own rules for the project.

I make it a kind of documentary of my life in that April, so I appear in most photos, but not all. For example I use to take a photo of my workspace, and a couple photos of food I eat frequently.

@fidel @tripu gotcha!
I took a couple of selfies in the meantime just to be sure so I’ll figure out where and how I partake :) I’m thinking of using hashtag #AprilOfMyLife


Originally that was the case for a few years, yes. It was intended as a documentary of your day-to-day life in that April (I find that very useful as the years pass; one can always set a few photos as restricted to friends or contacts, or even private, when they’re too personal). So one always appeared, usually in the middle of some activity.

In the last years, as life got complicated, I set fewer rules for myself, though. 🤷

/cc @fidel

@tripu @fidel got it. Documentary is the operative word. I’ll probably go for a mix.


It was in case you want to play 😃 I think I remember talking about this some years in April with you and maybe with our friend Denis. I may be wrong.

/cc @fidel

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