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What should I use instead of and for a web application in Node.js in 2023? Can someone summarise pros and cons of the most popular alternatives? I see way too many…


Alternatives to :

Mustache: zero dependencies, and dead simple. Too simple? Being logic-less means that conditionals and loops are pre-cooked, and that may limit options.

Pug: main advantage and main drawback: its concise but idiosyncratic syntax, similar to that of — which I know and have used in the past, but is too much of a departure from .

EJS: similar to Handlebars, simple but apparently versatile. Documentation isn’t great.

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@tripu Maybe start off with simplicity (Mustache) and see how it goes? It may turn out to be all you need. If not, and you decide to switch down the line, you can just get AI to convert any existing files.

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