The community and are definitely musts for fans of or his circle of friends, the , as well as other medieval and speculative literature.

Mythgard includes free online seminars and discussions. There is also an annual conference, , in the DC/Baltimore area, as well as various smaller one-day conferences throughout North America and London.

Signum University is a masters degree granting online institution recently licensed by the state of New Hampshire that also offers auditing of their courses. There are courses taught by a range of scholars in things ranging from Old Norse to C.S. Lewis to Science Fiction.

Dr Olsen, aka "The Tolkien Professor" has a couple of long-running podcasts under his own name and Mythgard Academy.

See as a starting point.

Whew! That's much longer than I'd normally post! But you did ask, @freemo ;-)

@twdockery No no thats perfect! We have a 65,535 character limit so it can be used! (though keep in mind if posts are much longer than that to use a content warning so the long length doesnt blow up the timeline).

@twdockery I'm going to have to dig into this sooooo hard! Thanks for sharing!

@freemo I love it. It's a nice balance to the techie side of my life. Probably better than using Quenya variable names. 👩‍💻

@twdockery I can see why, you can really get lost in this stuff. Its so cool!

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