Kudos to the NY Times for running a live tracker on the wildfire smoke situation there when they didn't even mention the more pronounced wildfire induced air quality issue here in the Pacific Northwest last year.

I found this an interesting and telling analysis of OpenAI's Sam Altman and Ilya Sutskever dog and pony show at Tel Aviv University yesterday. twitter.com/LuizaJarovsky/stat

It turns out that the functionality of the human brain isn't solely determined by the connections of neurons, but also by the larger scale shape of the brain itself. nature.com/articles/d41586-023

Yet more proof of the fact that we don't really understand many things about how the brain really works.

Something to pass on to the next overconfident ai-superintelligence-is-going-to-destroy-the-world-soon bro in your neighborhood.

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Its like a coordinated DDOS PR attack from these existential risk people and they're succeeding in making me constantly talk about them.

NY Times has unabashedly converted to full tabloid mode now.

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This scenario is why Daniel Dennett is right theatlantic.com/technology/arc to say that the act of counterfeiting people is the great danger and that it should be illegal. Do whatever else you want with your AI; you should not be allowed to create fake humans for purposes of deception. infosec.exchange/@jerry/110402

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Just tried to find the formula for a rotation matrix in n-dimensional space and ChatGPT, Bard, and Bing all gave me the wrong answer.

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Long-sought universal #flu #vaccine: #mRNA-based candidate enters #clinicaltrial
An mRNA-based flu vaccine designed to offer long-lasting protection against a broad range of #influenza viruses is now in a phase I clinical trial, #NIH announced. The phase I trial will test safety and efficacy in a small number of people. arstechnica.com/health/2023/05

The new paper demonstrates that LLMs are terrible at autonomous planning but are helpful in improving the results of heurisitic planners.

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Anyone remember Microsoft's "Sparks of AGI" paper that claimed that GPT-4 shows hints of human-like intelligence? Well, if you consider planning to be part of intelligence the authors might need to recalibrate their conclusions. arxiv.org/pdf/2305.15771.pdf

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Big claim that shingles vaccine prevents dementia. This will be huge if it holds up.

Sadly for us men the effect seems to be mainly seen in women


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Come the fall, seniors in the US will be urged to get vaccinated against #RSV, a respiratory pathogen that causes about as much illness in this group as does flu. But RSV experts worry neither seniors nor their doctors understand the risks RSV poses. statnews.com/2023/05/26/rsv-va

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The loss of access to Twitter data under the new pricing plan was a dire blow to our research at the UW-CIP.

Now being forced to delete the data that dozens of people spent years collecting, curating, and studying—outrageous. It’s like burning lab notebooks, an attack on science for the sake of pure malice.


Quite a few of the commenters here are equating Bender's thought experiment with Searle's famous Chinese Room experiment. I think this is incorrect .

I think Bender is trying to answer the question: is it possible to derive the meaning of symbols without understanding the external representation of those symbols? Suppose you locked a newborn baby in a Skinner box (not recommended) and only allowed the child to listen to English audiobooks. Would that child learn to understand the meaning of the words it hears?

Searle's thought experiment, on the other hand, is designed to answer the question of whether is it possible to assign language understanding to a program that can accurately translate a language.

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One of the decisive moments in my understanding of #LLMs and their limitations was when, last autumn, @emilymbender walked me through her Thai Library thought experiment.

She's now written it up as a Medium post, and you can read it here. The value comes from really pondering the question she poses, so take the time to think about it. What would YOU do in the situation she outlines?


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