@JamesGleick Also, not great legal strategy to claim that "where some like Mr. Musk see an existential threat in AGI, others see AGI as a
source of profit and power" when you're trying to raise money for your own private AI company that will eventually “understand the true nature of the universe."

The NYTimes really has an ageism problem. First it's Biden, and now it's, weirdly, Don Henley of the Eagles. How is this relevant to a story about a theft trial?

@jsrailton I'm all for this if it convinces a significant fraction of his followers to emigrate there.

@lauren Biden’s made gaffes for years. It’s the media that have memory problems, not Biden.

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How did a “half-insane rascal,” a “pathetic dunderhead,” a “nowhere fool,” a “big mouth” persuade millions of ordinary citizens to embrace his “doctrine of hatred” and make him absolute dictator of a once-great nation?

Michiko Kakutani reviewed Volker Ullrich’s account of Hitler’s ascent in September 2016. Remember September 2016?

Her review was brilliant. She never once names Trump, but he is present in every paragraph, and not by accident.

Gift link nytimes.com/2016/09/28/books/h

@glynmoody A weather record for a particular day is about as unimpressive as it gets.

@punklawyer Discredited lawyer living on occupied Native American land complaining about Jews living on “occupied” land in Israel is just too perfect.

@specwill Last year we got a quote for $3000 to fix our furnace and I fixed it (a sequencer) for $30. Thieves.

@JenLucPiquant Totally credible coming from a writer whose career is dependent on internal access to SpaceX.

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When "Lo and Behold," Herzog's documentary about the Internet, came out in 2016, he did a screening at Stanford. Afterwards some undergrad crypto bro asked him for his opinion about Bitcoin. Herzog replied that he was anti-Bitcoin because he needs cash - untraceable, hard cash - to keep existing, as sometimes when making his films he needs to do crimes such as paying bribes to local officials. The entire auditorium went silent. Still the most effective way to shut up a crypto bro I've ever seen

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@ct_bergstrom I felt the same (I think) after recently spending nearly a month in the Bay Area. Ended up rereading this passage from John Muir describing his journey through the Santa Clara Valley 150 years ago on the way to Yosemite - disrupted by Europeans but still somewhat intact. A lost world.

@JamesGleick And the NYTimes continues to ignore Trump's deranged rants while rehashing the "Biden shaky performance" theme.

@adamjkucharski All those unsmiling photos clearly demonstrate that you need to take AGI very seriously if you work at OpenAI.

@DrPlanktonguy @jcutting @ZachWeinersmith Pretty embarrassing for a scientist to generalize from N=1, I think. My non-scientific hunch is that entitlement is uniformly distributed but there's lots of selection bias (and resentment) driving these kind of comments.

I'm sure many people know this, but in case you don't - if you are on the ACA with premium tax credits and get this message from your shitty insurer a few days after the due date you can ignore it. You have 90 days to pay your premium. They're just trying to improve their cash flow.

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I want an apology from all the mansplainers that told me my concerns about privatizing NASA and relying to heavily on SpaceX would undermine the national security policy of the United States.


@ct_bergstrom Wow! Was there last week and there were so many chinook as well as apparently sated seals lurking at the bottom near the start of the ladder but no sturgeon.

@ct_bergstrom FWIW, I think the smallest context window on GPT-4 is around 6000 words so it should be able to handle one page. 🤷‍♂️

@ct_bergstrom I tried one of your examples using your command and it thought it was fine. So no idea, unless you submitted a very long document (context window).

Also tried grammar correction on a New Yorker article for fun and it suggested a couple of very undesirable changes. Not impressed.

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