Possible context for Musk's attacks on the ADL.

For a while now, he's been going after anyone who researches and documents online hate speech for a while.

I wonder if the antisemitism is just an added bonus as far as he's concerned.

@ct_bergstrom But why do we care what musk is doing? What’s the point of leaving Twitter if we’re still amplifying his every stupid pronouncement and decision?

Just ignore this no-talent assclown


@Dogzilla @ct_bergstrom We care beyond Twitter because Musk is the richest guy in the world and that gives him an outsized amount of power. newyorker.com/magazine/2023/08

@twitskeptic @Dogzilla @ct_bergstrom

This is precisely the problem with allowing one individual to have too much power and influence. When that individual starts going off the deep end, he drags the rest of us along with him.

@robhon @twitskeptic @Dogzilla @ct_bergstrom This is precisely the problem with having billionaires.

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