People keep telling me that #ChatGPT is amazing for proofreading text and improving scientific writing.

I just gave #GPT4 a section of a grant proposal and it made 11 suggestions, none of which were worth keeping (often adding or removing a comma, or repeating a preposition in a list).

More interestedly, a number of its suggestions were identical to my originals.

#LLM #GenerativeAI


@ct_bergstrom Curious what command you gave it to review the text.

@ct_bergstrom I tried one of your examples using your command and it thought it was fine. So no idea, unless you submitted a very long document (context window).

Also tried grammar correction on a New Yorker article for fun and it suggested a couple of very undesirable changes. Not impressed.

@twitskeptic I gave it a full page of text, and I suppose that is what did it.

@ct_bergstrom FWIW, I think the smallest context window on GPT-4 is around 6000 words so it should be able to handle one page. 🤷‍♂️

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