Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs was quite poor. It lacked much in the way of insight and was riddled with dozens of irritating small errors of detail of the sort that make you think the author doesn't have a good grip on their subject matter. The Musk bio seems significantly worse.

@twitskeptic @kjhealy EVs were inevitable. He pulled forward the start date. His lasting impact, if any, will be through what he's made of his time at the helm of Twitter. Due to monopoly power conferred by lock-in from network effects, that's a sector where individuals have the capacity to put the world on a path with long-lasting consequences, for better or worse.

@twitskeptic @kjhealy truly a person of contrasts, neither perfect nor wholly bad

@twitskeptic @kjhealy

That Leonardo da Vinci changed the world in any way is news to this Renaissance historian...

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