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"They had an algorithm!" First class enshittification example.

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Christofascist response to Elon after today's Twitter meltdown.

Looks like blocking no longer works on Twitter, at least if you click on a trending hashtag.

Just the kind of unironic self examination I'd expect from a billionaire Silicon Valley VC bro.

Hugh Hewitt proving once again that even GPT-2 can write less nonsensical columns than he can.

Prepare for a deluge of chatbot based AI startups (funded by the usual suspects like Khosla Ventures) with big claims andvno evidence to back them up.

A look into our enshittified LLM (Large Language Model) search future. My wife and I were curious about the etymology of 'snob', so we googled it and got this LLM summarized answer from Google's LLM "enhanced" search engine:

"Where does the word snob originate from?"

"The word snob is said to have arisen from the custom of writing “s. nob.”, that is, 'sine nobilitate'"

The problem is that the source (Merriam-Webster) used this as an example of what they called a "spurious etymology" - a fake answer. The LLM ignored this and hallucinated the incorrect answer. Someone who casually referenced this would walk away misinformed.

Can you imagine this happening with, say, medical software? I can and it's not good.

Microsoft just released a demo of BigGPT-Large, which they define as "a domain-specific generative model pre-trained on large-scale biomedical literature, has achieved human parity, outperformed other general and scientific LLMs, and could empower biologists in various scenarios of scientific discovery."

Here's the response to the first question that I asked: @ct_bergstrom @emilymbender

If you think a Chinese spy balloon flying over Montana is bad, I discovered that the Chinese manufactured hundreds of millions of spy devices that many Americans carry around with them every day, wherever they go! When will it stop!

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