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Post July 4th air quality is not good near where I live. Dumbest holiday of the year.

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This was amazing to see.

The barn swallow parent (above) had apparently had it with its lazy fledgling (below), and literally dragged it from the nest and dropped it into the sky over the water. Fortunately, the nestling could indeed fly, and just hadn't wanted to.

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Wherever I look I can see news about a few very rich individuals being stranded on a submarine that was supposed to take them on a tour of the Titanic. The effort put in place to rescue them appears huge in scope.

Last week over six hundred people died in a #shripweck off the coasts of #Greece and nobody cared. Nobody even bothered to start a rescue operation until it was too late.

Stop pretending people are equal, I hate this hypocrisy.

These kind of "look at these fools who don't understand investing" articles are a quick way for a business journalist to crank out a story, but for some reason the authors never mention the proximate cause: affinity bias.

Shot and chaser from a VC at Sequoia, one of Silicon Valley's oldest VC firms.

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Also, why is every freaking tutorial, every set of instructions now in video form? What the hell happened to us.

Kudos to the NY Times for running a live tracker on the wildfire smoke situation there when they didn't even mention the more pronounced wildfire induced air quality issue here in the Pacific Northwest last year.

I found this an interesting and telling analysis of OpenAI's Sam Altman and Ilya Sutskever dog and pony show at Tel Aviv University yesterday.

It turns out that the functionality of the human brain isn't solely determined by the connections of neurons, but also by the larger scale shape of the brain itself.

Yet more proof of the fact that we don't really understand many things about how the brain really works.

Something to pass on to the next overconfident ai-superintelligence-is-going-to-destroy-the-world-soon bro in your neighborhood.

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Its like a coordinated DDOS PR attack from these existential risk people and they're succeeding in making me constantly talk about them.

NY Times has unabashedly converted to full tabloid mode now.

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This scenario is why Daniel Dennett is right to say that the act of counterfeiting people is the great danger and that it should be illegal. Do whatever else you want with your AI; you should not be allowed to create fake humans for purposes of deception.

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