I have been confusing some people with my bouncing all around various linux topics lately so let me explain my mindset. I like free software, not just free of money but freedom to customize. I love customization and making things work and look how I want them to. I like to tinker and learn. I have heard some call it "hacking on" this or that.

Linux also matches how my brain works in a lot of ways. lots of tangents to veer off and gopher holes for fall down lol. Which reminds me.. if there a fediverse version of something like github or gitlab?


@LittleWytch That sounds like a neat idea. Do you think about implementing it?

@vnarek No, I have even remotely have a clue how to make something like that. I'm not a coder, just barely starting to even look into it. I can edit some scripts but that's about it LOL. I was just curious. I tend to dive right into the deep end to teach myself stuff😂

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