Its taken me a few days to really come to grips with the fact that America now has its first segregationist as president in living history.

What a dark and shameful day for America. I truly am ashamed to call myself a US citizen :(

I had so much hope back in 2008 when I voted for Obama and still believe in the Democratic party. But Obama was a disgrace and I regretted that decision ever since. It has been nothing but downhill since then, each time getting worse.. .First Bush with the Patriot act, Then Obama & Biden murdering US citizens and extending the Patriot Act, Then Trump generally being an idiot, and Now Biden a segregationist as president.. Can we sink any lower?


@freemo I don’t think he still believes whatever he said in 1977, but yeah this kinda sucks. I think its tricky to judge peoples opinions from the past using current norms.

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