Hello, I really like your app. it’s awesome, many 2.0 features, transcript, chapters. V4V, etc.

I am using the web app, I have an issue with one podcast not updating the latest episodes!

The Asianometry Podcast

Could you please help me with that?

Thank you very much!

@voidabyss hello! thank you for your kind feedback! :)

Podverse syncs its podcast data with the Podcast Index, and it looks like this podcast is not up to date there. Also, it looks like it is hosted on Anchor, which unfortunately doesn't notify apps when a feed updates (they don't use Podping).

@dave can you increase the frequency this feed is parsed?

I just manually updated the feed in Podverse, so it should be up to date now.

@podverse @dave

It’s up to date now, thank you very much!

It would be great to have a Linux desktop app and have the features that are limited to the Android App like custom RSS, download episodes, OPML, etc.
A desktop app would manage it’s own episodes RSS syncs and solve these kind of issue.

Anyways, I am using the web app as PWA an it’s awesome and I like the live feature.
I tired different podcast apps and is the most feature packed!

Thank you again making and developing this awesome app.

@voidabyss @dave

glad you're enjoying it! :)

Re: a desktop app, I don't realistically see us making one soon, unless a FOSS contributor wants to lead the initiative.

I can imagine it being quite feasible to accomplish, as we could port the website into an Electron app and add extra features after that...but we have so many high priorities right now, I don't see our core devs finding time to work on it soon. We'll be working on Android Auto before we get to desktop

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