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Noteworthy reanalysis study to update this thread.

3.4. Harm-benefit considerations

In the Moderna trial, the excess risk of serious AESIs (15.1 per 10,000 participants) was higher than the risk reduction for COVID-19 hospitalization relative to the placebo group (6.4 per 10,000 participants). [3] In the Pfizer trial, the excess risk of serious AESIs (10.1 per 10,000) was higher than the risk reduction for COVID-19 hospitalization relative to the placebo group (2.3 per 10,000 participants).

Dr. Aseem Malhotra tells Joe Rogan that a reanalysis of Pfizer and Moderna’s original clinical trial data shows that their COVID mRNA vaccines INCREASE your risks of serious adverse events, hospitalization, and death:

This is the highest quality of scientific evidence. Joseph Fraiman is an ER doctor and clinical data scientist from Louisiana. Associate editor of the BMJ, Dr. Peter Doshi. Dr. Robert Kaplan from Stanford. Some real eminence of integrity published this reanalysis, and what they found was this. In the trials that led to the approval of regulators worldwide, you were more likely to suffer a severe adverse event from taking the vaccine, hospitalization, disability, or life-changing event than you were to be hospitalized with COVID.


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Planet of the Humans
2019 documentary film directed by Jeff Gibbs

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I am genuinely interested to understand how can a scientist claim that the new mRNA vaccine technology is 100% safe and doesn’t have any significant long term health effects?

There is a clear bias in the scientific community, pharmaceutical companies and public health authorities to push one simplistic narrative that the mRNA vaccine is safe and effective. Any dissenting opinion questioning the mRNA vaccine safety or efficacy is labeled idiot, conspiracy theorist and anti-vax.

This toxic scientific debate climate makes critical data gathering and research challenging. Most career driven scientists, medical doctors or researchers don’t want to go against the main narrative and lose their credentials and livelihood.

Questioning the safety and efficacy of mRNA vaccines represent a threat to the institutions mandating and advocating for that technology. A threat that might lead to vaccine hesitancy, lost in credibility, lost of financial revenue and legal liability.

There are few brave scientists with a good track records of scientific research, publications and citations. I can’t name them all, these are a few top ones that I followed their work on this topic:

There is a clear signal form various public heath safety reporting data bases and scientific research that show an increase risk of Myocarditis after the mRNA injections:

Myocarditis is one advert event among many that Pfizer own clinical trials has revealed even before vaccine mass deployment.

I can’t personally ignore or dismiss renown scientific researchers and medical doctors warnings regarding the vaccine safety and efficacy. I am not against vaccines in general, they truly save lives.

I am strongly against vaccine mandates and vaccine passports, especially since the vaccines were never tested or designed to stop the transmission.

I don’t want to live in a future dystopian technocracy were the state controls all aspects of my life, I am pro choice, liberty and informed consent.

I hope that everyone that took the mRNA shots are and will be alright.

@freemo Dr. Freemo if you reading up to this, I hope you consider the scientific research I shared here, and acknowledge the concerns that some people have regarding the mRNA vaccines.

🎓 Dr. Freemo :jpf: 🇳🇱  
@ringo If i wasnt clear about my position, your an idiot if you still think the shot is dangerous at this point, though I would have agreed with ex...
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You be as cautious as you want, its just important to be careful about trying to sell that caution as something justified by the science.

That’s your determination, the scientific research and the clinical trials on this matter are still on going, whether you want to acknowledge that fact or not.

I am relying scientific experts opinion on this topic as well as research studies and case studies therefore my concerns are justified and backed up by science not social conformity or peer pressure.

Expert opinion:

Research studies:

Case studies:

But at this point it has undergone all the same tests as any medication and there isnt much science to suggest caution is anymore justified than with any other medication or vaccine really.

The safety profile of the mRNA vaccines is not set in stone and will continue to be questioned as more data is reveled and research conducted, the same way as any medication really e.g. Bextra.

On April 7, 2005, Pfizer withdrew Bextra from the U.S. market on recommendation by the FDA, citing an increased risk of heart attack and stroke and also the risk of a serious, sometimes fatal, skin reaction.

Pfizer drug breach ends in biggest US crime fine

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Sysadmin: ephedrine

Chemist: I can't serve you that.

Sysadmin: sudoephedrine

Chemist: There you go.

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I really like Wildlife Photographer of the Year. For anyone who hasn't seen them, here are some of the images...

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Liz Gunn: The Mother Of All [COVID-19 Vaccine] Revelations (Data Revealed In This Video)

Void Abyss boosted while I always believed that "Chat Control" as it was proposed would be dead on arrival, and unenforceable, it's always great to see common sense prevail. Some win for #privacy and #security of communications. The fight is far from over though.

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Help us reach our Supporting Members goal 🥅!

We want to sign up 500 KDE Supporting Members before Plasma 6 is released in February. We have already reached more than 💯.

Let's give it a push!


If you would like to donate just once, that's great too!:

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@freemo Slavery makes you stupid, lazy, and overconfident, and you eventually blunder and lose everything. Is there anyone that has not happened to?

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Leftists accuse responsible parents of wanting to "ban books" and then lie or hide which books are being scrutinized. An interesting tactic would be a mock-breathless "they want to ban these books!" campaign that shows the real books that are being identified as problems.
Imagine going to a place where Leftists are protesting responsible parents and setting up a booth nearby that presents the real books parents are rightly upset about. What would happen? It certainly puts the Leftists in a decision dilemma: let people see the truth or flip out.
Even a more honest statement or booth, "yes, we want to ban schools and libraries from giving these books to kids" or "see what books we're banning," would be a fascinating experiment of the same kind.
Leftist activism almost always proceeds with the support of a mystified public that is so mystified by deliberately blurring or hiding the full context. It's almost always successfully combatted by restoring clarity and exposing the manipulation of understanding.
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Destructive behaviors beget bad results, if only that everyone looks like a graffiti wall.

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Are you suggesting that all people who get tattoos have some underlying emotional distress or suffering, and therefore is self harm?

No, many do that for those reasons, some people just copy what others do.(Herd mentality)
What determine self-harm is the net negative outcome on the individual and society unless it’s self-sacrifice.

The rule here is if it bad for the individual, it’s bad for society unless self-sacrifice.

Self-sacrifice might be perceived as bad for the individual but it’s a net positive for society.

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L'activation à distance des appareils électroniques a été validée par le Sénat. Désormais arrivée à l'Assemblée, elle a été discutée en commission des lois. Les députés ont protégé certaines professions tout en validant, de fait, ce système de surveillance de masse pour les autres. Les débats en séance commencent le 3 juillet.

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