We could have focused on public transport, but we didn't (better late than never?)

Many could have chosen to not eat meat (they chose the opposite)

We could have got serious about reducing plastic pollution.

We could have saved many species from extinction.

We could have chosen a different option than that long-distance recreational drive in a combustion engine vehicle.

A sustainable future could have been a reality

"we" didn't make it happen!

Better late than never?


It’s not all doom and gloom, we have to keep a positive outlook on the future and make individual positive changes that reduce our impact on the planet and be wary of big gov fascist control solutions for climate change.


There is a common form of toxic positivity where people can't accept that they're causing harm - when the harmful activity is associated with an activity they want to do.

"make individual positive changes that reduce our impact on the planet"

I've just about done that & many of the changes have been healthy for me (plus reduced my living costs so I work fewer hours).


The is no ‘toxic positivity’, the future is bright and full of abundance for the people that love the planet, love humanity, love innovation and technology.

There are toxic minded people that are in fear, hate humanity and want to live in a state of scarcity.

But the real danger is big gov fascism trying to micro manage daily individuals activity for the sake of “reducing harmful activity”.


It's better to explain toxic positivity with an example.

For example, many times I've mentioned to adults that smoke pollution harms chidren health.

Now, if these adults did not have any personal vested interests in activities that emitted wood smoke, there is a higher probabilty that they'd accomodate the medical evidence. BUT, because all these adults had home wood burners, they can not tollerate what the evidence implies.

They're hopefully wrong & it's harming their children


@empiricism I don’t know how old are you, but some “adults” have no money to switch heating system nor to pay the monthly bills for electricity or gas. It’s no a matter “evidence” but economic reality.

The online definition of Toxic positivity”

is the belief that people should maintain a positive mindset no matter how dire or difficult a situation is, rejecting all difficult emotions in favor of a cheerful and often falsely-positive façade.

To stop toxic positivity, clarify what you want from your conversation partner.

I don’t know what you mean by ‘Toxic positivity’ in the context of this discussion, I was maybe wrongly assuming it was wishful thinking.

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