Installing #Linux over a SOCKS Proxy via Firefox over Waypipe through a corporate VPN to iLO4's html5 remote console is not for the faint of heart or for those who lack patience.

@vwbusguy did you use tmux in case the connection drops?

@vwbusguy I have adsl line, connection drops at random, I find it extremely frustrating when it happens and I am in the middle of an upgrade.

You mentioned:

SOCKS Proxy via Firefox
What’s that?

@voidabyss I mean that I have setup a local SOCKS proxy via ssh and am connecting to a Firefox session on a remote machine through that connection via Waypipe.

You can also run a local Firefox over a SOCKS proxy. I use FoxyProxy for that, but that's not a viable option for this particular case - too many gaps to bridge than via ssh jump hosts.

@vwbusguy Have you tried shadowsocks? it become my main tool to setup proxy servers.

@voidabyss I haven't, mainly because doing it via ssh is muscle memory for me and I don't need to install anything else server or client side for that to work.

ssh -CNTD 55555 some_host

Then I set all_proxy or FoxyProxy, etc. to socks5://


@vwbusguy I use it because I don’t like to open ssh service to the world (even on non standard ports). So to ssh to my servers I have to pass through the proxy.

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