So a little problem with the Fediverse. Some platforms, such as #Friendica, which I cannot stop going on about, allow very rich content. Not just going over 500 characters, but tables, quoting of other posts, properly threaded replies, rich text, etc etc.

But anything you're gonna write is gonna get federated to the elephant in the room, which because it's pretending to be #twitter is very much a lowest common denominator.

Should we just go ahead and do it anyway, or should users of more compositionally capable #fediverse software limit ourselves to what we know is going to render sensibly on #mastodon and its various clones?


It’s up to each program to handle all of the content it’s receiving, as best it can, in whatever way it thinks best for its users.

So yep, go ahead and post whatever you want in the format that makes the most sense for the content.

To hold yourself back for the sake of is to deprive all of the other clients of better content, while also maintaining that same, crippled status quo.

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