I had been waiting for it, and a few weeks ago it finally happened: I saw high profile, mainstream conservatives have to try to reconcile their celebration of as having delivered vaccines through Operation Warp Speed against their denunciation of those same vaccines as scams upon the American people.

Those two parallel lines of thought couldn’t coexist forever. At some point they were bound to collide.

And I, for one, had spent about a year with my popcorn ready to watch.

Well, I didn’t quite get the fireworks I’d hoped for. The commentators sort of acknowledged the conflict and settled on criticizing Trump for it–I guess the denunciation is the more relevant factor today–before swiftly moving on.

I sure hope to see that conflict rise to the surface more often in the future.

My reaction: Trump deserves some credit for Operation Warp Speed. He briefly changed back from con man to the businessman many people thought they were voting for.

It didn't last.


Yeah the funny thing is that some conservatives who have spent quite a lot of time jawboning about the vaccines being a scam are now having to come to terms with Trump being the one behind the scam.

To be clear, I know they are wrong about the vaccines. I utterly disagree with their position that the vaccines are worthless and all of that. They are stupidly wrong about it. But, if they believe the vaccines are. a scam like that, then they have to come to terms with Trump’s involvement in them.

And I’ve just been really looking forward to seeing how they deal with that.

@volkris Trump is a conman and the vax is poison, zealots on both sides got duped, as usual

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