#SupremeCourt Rules Companies Can Sue #Striking #Workers for 'Sabotage' and 'Destruction,' Misses Entire Point of Striking
In a new ruling, the Court sided with a #company that sued its union for property damage because it went on strike. That sets a precedent that if a #union strikes, it has to ensure the company won't lose any money. vice.com/en/article/n7eejg/sup

This is a terrible precedent #SCOTUS



That’s not what the ruling says. I’ll link it below so you don’t have to trust places like vice.com

What the ruling said was that the union can’t use a particular federal act to shield itself against the normal court processes. That’s it.

That doesn’t mean the union has to ensure the company won’t lose any money since the court didn’t comment on any such law.

If the union operates in a state where this action is legal, great! Go for it. If that sabotage is illegal, though, it has to face the courts and be held accountable. That’s not up to the Supremes, though.

The precedent is merely saying that “the NLRA did not preempt Glacier’s tort claims”


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